Wizards Menu in PanX 10.1?

I seem to have lost my Wizards menu since I upgraded to the latest version. Is there something I need to do to get this menu to come back?

I checked the contents of the PanX bundle, and the Wizards folder is in there with all the standard wizards (I think it was all of them, anyway).

Mac OS 10.13.6, PanX 10.1 (2791)

Panorama X has never had a Wizards menu as far as I know…only Panorama 6.

Well, that would explain it. Doh!

Gary’s answer is correct.

However, for you nerds out there, a bit of inside baseball. Panorama X actually does have a Wizards menu. However, if an item in the wizards menu appears in a regular menu, it is suppressed in the Wizards menu. If all of the items are suppressed, the Wizards menu itself disappears, and that is the case in the shipping version of Panorama X. My development version right now does include a Wizards menu with a couple of items. Before they ship, those items will be moved into regular menus. Who knows, perhaps the Wizards menu will make a reappearance someday, or I’ll add the capability for users to add their own wizards, but for now, you won’t see a Wizards menu.