Windows do not Close properly

I experience a lack of control of my Panorama X windows seemingly every other day or 3 whereby the Close, Minimize, & Maximize buttons do not get colored or react to clicks. The ability to use the Close Database is dimmed for an open db, and sometimes the windows remain visible while having disappeared from the Window menu.

This happens too frequently to be an ok thing. Is there any sort of debugging that I can do as it has happened many times and will obviously happen again.

I wonder if I may be experiencing a related issue. The button colors are correct, but when edited, I cannot close a Panorama X window and I’m not presented with an option to save and close.

Video of this:
Google Drive Video Clip (cannot close)

Something similar here, I suspect. Windows sometimes seem not to become properly active when they should, do not accept the text caret and, as Robert says, some menu options are dimmed. Only from time to time, however. I had put this down to a mouse issue, but it seems to be happening only with Panorama (10.2.0.b12.(3581); MacOS 10.12.6).

Adam, what happens when you finish editing the Notes field (by hitting Enter)?

If I hit Enter, it still says “Edited” in the window name but it DOES allow me to close the window. I was attempting to click away from the field in order to finish editing the field. I guess this is normal behavior and I just typically code saving into my procedures so I don’t notice it happening regularly.