WindowMenuBar and Empty Menus

WindowMenuBar “classicdatabase”,"" installs the Text, Sort and Setup menus, but they have no menu items.

WindowMenuBar “classic”,"" does the same.

Neither includes a Math menu.

I believe they’re accidental leftovers from Pan 6.

Standard menus can also be included in groups. The available groups are:

  • basic – file edit
  • database – records field setup
  • classicdatabase – text search sort math classicsetup
  • all – file edit view records field setup
  • classic – file edit view text search sort math classicsetup

It wasn’t an accident. The intention was if someone had an existing database with procedures that somehow relied on this arrangement, it would be available to them without them having to construct it from scratch. Apparently I did part of this but didn’t complete it. I do remember this intention. Since no one has noticed until now, I think I’ll just remove this from the documentation.