Why doesn't Find work in all columns? It works in some but not others

I have a number of Databases and the “Find” doesn’t work in some the columns

Panorama’s find feature absolutely does work in all columns. If it’s not finding something, whatever you asked it to search for doesn’t exist in the selected data. I can’t help any further without specific, detailed information. What sort of data does the “misbehaving” field contain? What are you searching for? Is the data you are searching for currently selected? Why do you think find doesn’t work?

I have 2 columns that are called “Notes”. The one column works but not the other one. I typed “Print” in both columns. It find it in one column but not the other one. I’ll just use the column that works. I was just curious why it didn’t work in both columns.

Are both columns named ‘Notes’?

If so, that is the problem. Try Notes1 and Notes2

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Robert’s theory seems like a good one. When two or more fields have the same name, only the first one can be accessed in a formula. Since Panorama uses formulas internally to do searches, this means only the first one can be searched. (However, you could still search both columns by using the any field contains option. This works independently of the field name.) You also would not be able to access a field with a duplicate name in a form.

I’m wondering if this is actually the problem, because Panorama makes it difficult to create two fields with the same name. You can’t do it from the property inspector – Panorama will automatically add a numeric suffix if you try to create a duplicate name. So if there is already a Notes field and try to add another, Panorama will automatically make it Notes2.

However, there are some ways you can give a database more than one field with the same name. You can write a procedure and use the fieldname statement. You can create a new database with a template, and type in the same name twice into the template. And you can create a new database from a text file that has multiple duplicate column names. If that happens, you should probably change the duplicate field names.