Why doesn’t the Recents menu work?

It used to be that after I used a file, that file would be listed under the”Recents” item in the pull down menu. Now, nothing ever appears there.

You should check to make sure the Database Options>General>Exclude from Recents Menu option is not checked. This is set separately for each database, so you would have to check each database that is having this problem.

The atypical setting of ‘Exclude from Recent Menu’ is still happening on some newly created files. I am thinking that one of the options for a new file from a template is setting this preference.

Panorama always creates new files with this setting turned off. There is no internal option to turn it on for some templates or options.

I’m not saying that this option doesn’t sometimes get set somehow. I’ve seen it myself a couple of times. But there is no intentional code to do this, and so far I’ve not been able to track down why it happens.