When will there be an update to Pan X?

It has been a long long time since there was an update to Pax X. I can see where people have issues with things that I probably would never need but I at least miss a few things that we had in Pan 6. The most used ones for me are the distribute form items for even spacing, the helpful visual lines that pop-up when an item aligns. The most notable one for me is having a “No Duplicates” button but there has not been functionality attached to it yet. I have a database with 16,000 addresses. I paid $300 for the five year license for Pan X and find myself still using my Pan 6 database for the mailing list so I can immediately tell if there is a duplicate entry. I love you to death Jim for what you have done with Pan X but please fix some of these basics.

There’s been a lot of work done on the next update for Panorama X, but it keeps growing in scope. It’s pretty much frozen now as far as new features go but I have quite a bit of work to do documentation wise on the code that is already written.


Will the new release address the lack of single-step debugging?


Sorry, but no, it will not. I think many of you will be very excited when you see what is in the new release, but I have enough items on the roadmap to keep busy for years into the future.