When to split/create a new DB?

Hi All,

I’ve got a main contacts database that’s coming along nicely. However, I’m starting to want to add more information to the database (more fields). I think there must be a condition where you have a database and keep thinking of more things it could store!

Anyhow, I’m asking the question of when it would be a good point to make one database two or more? Of, course I understand that that normally ocurrs where you need a one-to-many relationship. However, out side of this requirement, do you just add new fields ad-infinitum, or is it better to split different categories off by themselves?

So in my case I have all the people who are part of the church I lead in my database. I’m now looking at adding all the departments that we have into the database and linking the people who serve to those departments. I could do this all in the same database, but should I?

This can of course be expanded to other categories that would be nice to have in the database:

  • small groups and attendees
  • weddings
  • funerals
  • building maintenance
  • policy documents
  • podcasts
  • etc…

Of course some of the above may have to be a separate database, I’m trying to establish some sort of principle of when it should become a new database.

I believe I see an ‘Events’ table within the above items.
Date, Type, Sponsor, Size, etc.