What to do for a new computer?

After six years broke down and bought a new MacBook pro. Really looking forward to hit since mine was slowing down.
Question, how best to transfer information from computer to computer? The big question, how is the best way to get Pan 6 to work. Hear that there has been problems with loading onto a new computer, I am planning on migrating from computer to computer, is this the best way to do it with Pan 6 so that it works perfectly on the new machine???

Yes, Migration Assistant will do everything you need.

I’ve had problems with Migration Assistant in the past and I find it pretty clunky.

If you have a large enough external hard drive, you could mirror your old internal hard drive to it, plug it into the new computer and mirror the external to the internal. I suggest everybody should have a mirror drive anyway - perfect backup.

Except that is not a good idea if you have a new computer that requires a newer or special operating system. That would probably be the case with a new iMac Pro, for instance.

To learn how to install Panorama 6 on a new computer, see:


Ok, everything is good.
I bought a new MacBook Pro and through migration was able to get most of the things to work.
Pan 6 had no problems, for Pan X when I opened it asked if I wanted the seven day trial and was able to put my account stuff in and it seems to work great.

Was just worried that Pan 6 would be a problem, but it seems to be working fine