What is "usage" in a Panorama X account?

The explanations of paying for Panorama X talk about hours of usage in a particular month. How is that usage determined? Is it the amount of time that Pan X is open on a local computer, or is it the time that data is actually being processed? For example, if I open Panorama in the morning and do one small task, then hide it (keeping it open) and spend the rest of the day working on other things. When I come back late afternoon and do something else small with Panorama. Will I have 8 hours of usage or 5 minutes?

5 minutes.

But keep in mind that Panorama X isn’t metered. It’s not like an electricity bill. If you use it less than an hour in a month, there is no charge. If it is an hour or more, then there is a fixed charge of about $8 (or less if you prepay multiple years in advance). The fixed charge is the same whether you use it for an hour or 300 hours in the month. So you shouldn’t have to worry about what the usage is – you are either using it or you’re not.