What is PanoramaX doing using almost 100% CPU?

What is PanoramaX doing using almost 100% CPU?

What are you doing with PanoramaX? Such a high CPU load is not a normal behaviour — my PanX is running at the moment idling with an opened database at 0% CPU — but some time ago I happened to see high and growing CPU load when I accidentally had a procedure running in an endless loop. Now PanX has a Procedure Timeout feature (in Preferences > Advanced) to prevent endless loops.

Hmmm, I get a high %CPU with Panorama open but with NO db opened…


I did some further testing, and it turns out that as soon as I have a help window open PanoramaX goes through the roof.

If I just launch, without opening anything, it goes to approximately 25% for a few seconds, then drops to 0%. After about one minute and ten seconds, it jumps to 100% and stays there, without ever opening anything. Version 10.1 drops to 0% and stays there.

I confirm this, but when I open a database via the last used items in the dock menu, there is no rise in CPU load here, only temporary low loads when I do something in the database window.

I tried launching, and immediately opening the course calendar. There was a little bit of activity while launching, before it dropped to 0% and stayed there. More than 6 minutes after launching, with one additional database open, it’s still at 0%.

I’ve been watching this since first acquiring 10.2. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it so far. I can have no windows open and it will sit near 100% for a long time. Another time it drops off and uses nearly nothing. But the same pattern occurs with databases open or Help open. There are times I can leave it running for a very long time and it idles very nice. But another time it seems to sit at something like 97% and stay there.

I know PanoramaX 10.2 is using several hidden timers running in the background at various times and one or more of them may be responsible for the seemingly random CPU usage. Just a guess.

Something must be wrong with the way the Panorama is seen by the Activity Monitor, because if it is using what is being reported, the CPU is using well over 100%, while much of it is idle.

The one time I noticed this was because the fans all turned on when I hadn’t thought any program was doing anything. Checked activity monitor to see why and found PanoramaX using 95%.

I’m seeing this on my Mac as well. Almost as soon as I open the beta version (3575), the fan kicks on. When I quit the app, the fan goes off. I’m running absolutely no code of my own and the Server is stopped. The app is simply open in the background.

Edit: This is happening on 2 Macs I’ve tested so far:

  • MacBook Air 2020 running macOS Big Sur 11.2
  • iMac Late 2015 running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

I have had this problem for the last year and a half, with 10.1 and 10.2. I have never figured it out, although with the Timeout function and zlog, I now am nurturing a hope that I will sometime figure it out. I usually just quit and/or force quit (sometimes it is unresponsive, hence the force quit).

I’m seeing it too, 98-100% CPU use whether Pan is doing anything at all except sitting open in the background, and my fans are also going like hell, because my internal temp went up to 107°. As soon as I quit Pan the temp goes down again. I wondered why my computer was running so hot…

I’m no longer experiencing this with the latest release:
Panorama X 10.2.0 b13 Build 3609

I’ve only been able to test on Big Sur at the moment because I’m completely snowed in (in central Arkansas). :crazy_face: