What goes into the spinning beach ball?

I understand that it’s an apple construct, but it must be reflecting something in Panorama.
My problem: in more than one Panorama database, the beachball spins and spins and spins and spins and spins, 2 min., 5 min, 15 min, Sometimes it just stops and nothing happens – it just picks up where it should, but other er times I don’t wait to find out, and just force quit Panorama. Examples: on startup; on opening a new form; on executing a procedure, when that final step has clearly been completed; on initiating a select records.
Since my Panoroam is a newly transformed from Panorama 6, maybe there is something there. I wondered if I needed to cut down on bulk – fields, forms, procedures. I went through all procedures that Panorama 10 had flagged as unworkable from Panorama 6, even though I’ve used none of those procedures, thinking that the mere checking by Panorama 10 might be slowing it down.
What can I do to speed it up?

Hi Matthew, I experienced this same thing when I started trying to transition my very complex medical office management suite to Pan X. I sought help from one of the more savvy contributors to the list who suggested I recreate the forms from scratch - which was easier than expected since all the design work was done. That took care of the problems almost completely. Can’t tell you what the exact problems were but various expressions and formulas would go looking for something that wasn’t there or had changed or moved.

One specific problem that hit me hard was that newer Mac OS integration from Pan handles messages differently - I used to put all kinds of error or status message into my procedures and they would show up and then continue through the procedure. Now, certain statements in a far call immediately return control of the procedure to the original calling procedure or window (or something like that - please excuse the vagueness) and then the windows and fields would be in the wrong database and stop working. I often had no idea what went wrong.

I am making progress and have found that Pan X is so much more powerful and has tweaked so many things that it is a whole learning curve in itself like the original PanTalk. I have spent my time on Pan X first updating little utilities like address books and Quickbooks translators to learn how to make best use of the new developments. It’s been worth the effort so far. Many of Pan 6’s graphic elements were put in place in my early work in the mid 90’s and when compared side by side with the modern UI, look dated. Rich Text has been a boon by itself as I make use of the power there.
Hope it helps ~Scott