Web Browser Object Forms and Keys

Taking your suggestion and using the web browser object instead of openers( worked nicely, except for two things.

  1. the website I go to produces a “printer friendly form” I want to print out, but when I try to print it there is only the empty web browser object form.

  2. are there any navigation keys (page back, page forward, etc) in the web browser object?

If you click inside the Web Browser Object it becomes receptive to the various navigation keys. I have not found a way to activate this procedurally using the objectaction to open it or the object statement to select it. Once clicked it does not show up with info("activeobject") so I don’t know what state it is in after clicking or how to force it into that state other than clicking inside the WBO.

When you have used the navigation (menu) inside the displayed web page, you can use cmd-left arrow to get back to the previous page, cmd-right arrow to go forward again.

In my test database with an “URL” field where I have entered several URLs in separate records, the cmd-arrow commands worked the same way, when I had switched from one record to the next record. Cmd-left arrow returned to the display of the previous record.