Want to print all caps for a field

I am setting up a form. Used Construct Fields and Variables to place my fields on the form. I want one field to print as all caps. When I select the field and go to Blueprint, I can see

If I change to to “On” and Apply, then nothing seems to happen except the field no longer says “Off” it is empty “”. not showing as all caps on the form.

I tried search all content and can find nothing for AutoCaps.

I am also going to want to select specific fonts for the various record fields.

To get a field to display in a Text Editor Object in all caps you will have to make some changes. First you need to change the Text Editor Object to Formula instead of Field/Variable and add a formula to the Data area. As shown below I have changed to Formula and added the upper( function to the field name in the Data section. My example field is named Actors.


Next I have set the Auto Capitalization to “All” in the Properties Option pane as well.


And lastly I have added code to the Procedure pane to allow any editing changes to update the Actors field. Without this code you will not be able to edit the field with this Text Editor Object. This code changes the displayed all upper case text to upper word caps which I assume your original field is set to.


As far as changing the font for individual fields in each of their Text Editor Objects, you do that in the Text pane of the Properties panel as shown below.


thanks. very clear. I am about to post a related inquiry.

If you want all upper case text in a field I think it would be easier to set Auto Caps to All in the Field Properties panel in the data sheet.

If you just want to display it in upper case in this form, and not elsewhere, I would recommend using a Text Display object with the formula upperword(Fieldname)