Visual anomalies in DataSheet

I sort of recall there was a place to check if an issue has already been reported - some bit bucket place?

I’m experiencing:

  1. When I change the justification of a field, the label doesn’t move with the data. For example, if it’s right-justified, and I change it to center, the data moves to center-justified but the label does not.

  2. When I open a field by double-clicking on it, the content is shifted so the rightmost content is out of view. For example, “Aristocrat” only shows “Aristocra”. Happens with numeric and text.

  3. When I click on a field name and slide it, it moves (shows an outline) but doesn’t stick in the new location. It bounces back. Though I miss the “design sheet” a little, I’m sure there’s another way to change the field order.

Of the three, the second problem, shifting of content to the right, out of sight, when I double click on a field, is the most aggravating.

This is normal, notice that the Finder does this also. We follow Apple’s lead on this.

This is a long standing Apple bug that I have never been able to figure out how to work around.

This is a known problem that only occurs on recent versions of macOS. I have fixed the problem but that fix isn’t released yet. In the meantime there is a Reorder Fields dialog that works (thank you to @gary for this one!)

Here is the link. No account is needed to view or search these items.

Don’tcha just love it when you have to maintain someone else’s problems. I’d imagine you could offer a “pad” field option as I recall was in Pan6 (maybe that was just a TextEdit field) - but then people would use it and someday Apple will fix the problem and then the fields will have that extra pad that has to be handled.

SuperDuper - backup utility - was really messed up with Apple’s file changes and what you were permitted to do. No more backing a full system up to another drive for an easy switchover.