Visible Records and Total Records Tally - Grabbing the values

Is there a way of grabbing the Visible Records value and the Total Records value that is displayed at the top of the window in Pan X?

I wrote a routine that did that on Pan 6 (tired eyes) but perhaps I don’t have to potential rework it for Pan X if it is simply two variables that Pan X is using.


Functions, not variables:

Thanks Kurt.

How simple!


FYI these functions have been around since at least Panorama 3, maybe even Panorama 2. Sorry you went to the trouble of writing a routine to do it.

Thanks Jim,

Actually I have been using those info functions for ages. I just forgot.

I have had some difficulty particularly with one database transitioning and since this was not working I looked on the discussion topics and did not see it so I posed the question instead of troubleshooting the procedure that has worked for ages.

Here was my Procedure:

;---------------Named “.RecordsCount”
;----------Updates Record Count and Records Selected
;------I changed this August 9, 2015 from fRecordsSelected to RecordsSelected

Thanks for the comment Jim.