View Form Not Working

I am trying to view a form and it will not visualize. I have used both “Open View” and just clicking on the form name in the forms listing. Is there some other way to make a form visible so I can edit it?

The first thing I would try would be see if the form is somewhere on your screen. Getwindow will tell you.

The Panorama X documentation says:

Note: The getwindow statement is obsolete, in new code you should use the info(“windowrectangle”) function.

Both statements tell you the coordinates of the active window.

The zoomwindow statement can change the position of the active window. So you can bring a window back into sight that has accidentally (e.g. on a bigger screen) been placed outside of your available screen.

After you click the form name in the View menu go to the Window menu and see if its window is listed. You can then choose Arrange in Front from the Window menu and all open windows will be stacked in order on the screen and your missing form window should be there among them.

Gary, Thanks for your suggestion. I clicked on the form and then checked the Window tab. The form was listed there with a check mark in front of the name, but open all windows did not work. However there was a selection “Switch To Graphics Mode” which did open the form for editing.