View-as-List Problem in Pan 6 DB opened in PanX

When I open this view-as-list, only 2 of 9 field show data. In Graphics Mode, where a data cell should show the field name, the actual data (from the top record) appears. All the data is there in the Data Sheet. Will I have to “reconstruct” this form?

You might consider using a TextList instead. I took the original PanX course, now several years ago, and View-As-List forms did not exist in PanX then. I had used them extensively in Pan6. But now, I would never go back to them. Although I think there are some tasks that can be better accomplished with a View-As-List form, I now avoid them entirely.
When I put a Text Editor Object on a Data Tile in a View-As-List form, I see the actual data in Graphics Mode and in Data Mode. In any event, I don’t think you can edit anything in a View-As-List form, so you should only use Text Display objects, not Text Editor Objects. (When you say data cell, I assume you are referring to a text editor object.) The data displayed in Graphics Mode will correspond to the selected record, which may or may not be the top record.

Thanks for the reply. View-as-List does what I want: display a series of running records and allow data entry in selected fields of those records. This is probably what you made so much use of in v6.

What I’m use to seeing in v6>graphics mode, is not what I’m seeing in v10>graphics mode. In v6 it’s a data cell (v6 lingo), and in v10, it’s simply the text of the field of the first record (as you report). But toggle back out to data entry and none of the 7 affected fields show any data. This is a clear sign that I’m doing something wrong. Or maybe that v10 has difficulty rendering v6 data cells.

I’ve fooled around with a new Text Editor object in this form, and still see no ability to designate the field to draw data from. And yes, I will want to edit data in my view-as-list.

Sorry. You cannot edit data directly in a View-As-List form in PanX. The help page for View-As-List forms says:

View-As-List Forms with Editable Objects

You should not use editable objects, like Text Editor Objects, Data Button Objects or Popup Menu Objectswith View-As-List forms. (This was allowed in older versions of Panorama, but does not work in Panorama X.)

You can designate the source of the data displayed in a Text Display Object used in a View-As-List form (or anywhere else) by putting the name of the field in the Formula for that object. You can put any formula in there you like, but the simplest is just the field name by itself.

If you haven’t done so already, you should check the View-As-List help page which describes in detail how to use these forms in PanX.

Thanks, Cooper T

I’m thankful for having run into another recovering view-as-list addict . To find out that data in v10’s VaL is not editable is a big disappointment.

So I gather the best I can do in the current VaL is, behind each field’s Text Display, put an invisible button asking me if I want to edit data (tat field, that record), and if I say yes, give me a text entry alert.

Bear in mind, I’m a kindergarten-level programmer.


In Panorama X any object can be a button, so there’s almost never a need for a separate invisible button. If you wanted to do this, you can just add the code directly to the Text Display object, you don’t need a separate invisible buttons.

Before you do anything else, I would suggest to check out Panorama’s ability to hide fields in the data sheet. You can very easily display and edit selected fields in the data sheet this way. You may find that this very easily does what you want with minimal work.

See “Text Editor Data Source” on the Text Editor Object help page.

Since your asking these questions coming from Panorama 6, I would highly recommend you check out the Panorama 6 to X: Form Design video. You can view this from Help>Panorama Video Training or directly on the web with this link:

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