View as list forms

I have been working in a view as list form and it seems to be very unstable. On the data sheet are some text display objects with transparent buttons (left over from Panorama 6). Sometimes when clicking on the buttons, I get a message that says the procedure I’m clicking doesn’t exist, when it clearly does. One of the buttons only woks on one record in the list and is ignored by all the rest. Switching to graphics mode sometime works, often times the panes won’t work and sometimes I can trigger the buttons by clicking on them in graphics mode. Has anybody else done much with a view as list form in Pan X?

Actually, I just checked it again and all of the buttons only trigger on one record.

I received no responses to this post so I assume nobody has experimented with view as list forms. I experimented with one today and it seems that you can not put a transparent button over a text object and expect it to trigger a procedure in view as list. You also can not assign a procedure to a text display object and trigger it in view as list. You can put a push button of any kind except transparent and it will trigger a procedure in view as list.

I just did some tests and was able to verify your results. I have filed a bug report.