Various Line breaks within a Field

I have a database with a field that contains a few lines in it for every record. I’m trying to build an array of numerous records but the line breaks are inconsistent and prevent the array elements from breaking properly .

Within the field, a single record may have ¶ separating every line, it may have ¶ on some lines and crl() on others or it may have crlf() on all.

Here’s an example from one record as it appears within the TextEditor and in a TextDisplay

By using replace(Prices,¶,"¶"+¶) I can see that the line breaks are not consistent

Whether I use ¶ or crlf() to build the array, some multiple lines in the array are treated like one element. They include line breaks but as a single element.

I’ve tried arraystrip(, replace( and everything else I can think of, but can’t seem to cure it. I’ve back spaced and re-entered the characters at the end of one line and the start of the next in order to eliminate whatever is between the lines. But it persists.

The lftocr( function will convert everything to carriage return, or you could use crtolf( to convert everything to line feed. Then it will all be consistent.

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I recommend installing WordService, which is freeware from Devon Technologies. Select the data that you want to convert, and choose an appropriate service from the Services menu after you have turned it on. Get CalcService while you are at it. They are available on the App Store.

Thanks David. That resolved the issue in building the array. I’m curious about the variety of line breaks in the field, but at least I can deal with them.

You can see the invisible text so you know exactly what characters are present in a chuck of text by using a database “Reveal Invisible Text,” available in the Panorama Database Exchange. By, of course, Gary Yonaites.