Using Arrow Keys & Copying Fields in Forms

While I’m in a form, I can’t use the arrow keys to go to the next/previous record. I also cannot copy the info in a field while in a form. These features were part of previous versions and I don’t always like working from the data sheet. Am I missing something here?

Maybe you have inadvertently (in Graphic Mode) set the object you are editing to “Pop Up Editing”? When I use that editing mode I can see the behavior you describe. In the “normal” editing mode, the arrow keys are working as expected.

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I was probably in Graphics Mode.

But I still can’t copy data in a field when I’m in Data Mode. Any ideas?

Notice that in the far right tab in Graphics mode (“Modify Custom Attributes”), when you have selected the field that has the data, there is a check box for “Allow Text Selection.” Check that and I think you will solve that problem