Using a database as a shell

In Pan X have noticed that when you save a database and start working with it, it always seems to save.
But in a lot of cases I don’t want the database to “save” and I want to work on a file and then give it another name.

So the question is, how do I do that so that my working database doesn’t save anything? Can I turn it into a template or something that never saves until I want it to?

Panorama X uses 100% standard Apple code for document handling. Apple thinks that all saving should be handled automatically. This is how all Apple applications work (Numbers, Pages, Keynote, etc.), and all applications that are based on Apple’s code. When this started, with OS X 10.7 Lion, there was quite a bit of controversy about it, but it has remained the standard. Previous versions of Panorama had a reputation for being “oddball”, and I think it cost Panorama a lot of potential market share. So Panorama X is standard, standard, standard, all the way.

If you want to work on a file and give it another name, use the File>Duplicate command. But you need to do that first, before you start making changes.

By the way, if Apple ever changes this standard operation in a future version of macOS, Panorama will automatically adjust and use the new standard behavior – even without a new version of Panorama being released. Panorama X is actually using Apple’s code to perform these standard operations.

Panorama X does not only support Auto-Save, it supports versioning, too. You can always go back to an earlier version of your database via TimeMachine.

I think you are referring to File>Revert, which uses a Time Machine style interface. You are correct, and that is also part of Apple’s standard document handling. However, if you know you are going to want to give it another name and keep the original, I think it is a lot simpler to duplicate it at the start rather than messing with the Time Machine interface.

So you are saying that Pan 6 doesn’t have that.
I am so use to working on a database and when I am finished either renaming it or quiting. The great thing about quiting is that unless I save everything, it would be the way it was when I opened it.

So you are telling me that when I first call up a template type of database, I need to give it another name right then?

Gosh there are so many things in Pan X that is totally different than it was in Pan 6. A lot of us that have been using the same old databases for over a decade will find it really hard in learning Pan X and changing these habits and ways of doing things.

@Golfersal is Panorama 6 the only document handling program you use? If so, I am honored.

If not, however, I’m sure your already used to programs handling the File menu the way that Panorama X does. The way Panorama 6 works was the standard up to about 5 years ago, but it is not 2010 any more, and 2017 will be here before we know it. Since 10.7, Apple has changed the way the File menu works, and most document based applications have changed to the new system, including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Text Edit, Preview, Pixelmator, Final Cut X, Logic Pro, ScreenFlow, Script Editor, iaWriter, OmniGraffle, and many, many, many, many more.

You are correct, if Panorama 6 is the only program you use on your computer, you’ll definitely have to learn new habits and ways. It was tough for me too. But most potential customers in the world have never used Panorama 6 (and by most, I mean pretty much all). In 2016, a big problem with Panorama 6 is that it requires new customers to learn many new habits and ways, not just in the File menu but all over the program. Panorama X is designed to work the way most current Macintosh owners expect software to work. Hopefully that will allow them to get far enough to learn how great Panorama is, while before they would give up almost immediately because it was just too weird.

There is some good news – whatever learning of new “habits and ways” you do for Panorama X will also help you for learning most other modern Macintosh programs.

I only use about a dozen programs, BBedit, Microsoft Office, Scrivener, Safari, Chrome, Photoshop, preview, transmit, Mac X video converter and the only one that has changed a lot is Photoshop. But I am only doing simple things like cropping and resizing so there is not much of a learning curve.

But Panorama has been my life for 20 years, It’s my business to update the databases and to analyze golf information via my Panorama databases. So in 20 years I have about 20 different golf databases to help me and they have forumla’s and I use a lot of lookups from other databases which are hard to figure out how they run in Pan X. Christ it took me an hour to figure out on to Propagate and I still don’t know how to look up something in another database.

I took the class and found it tough to keep up, because 95% of the stuff you taught had nothing to do with how I use Panorama. But in the scheme of things I am probably not doing much in Panorama compared to the others who were in your class. They have to learn how to do it period, while I just have to learn the elements that I am using.

One big difference now is that before in building my stuff, I learned off of the documentation, along with getting good at thinking of easier ways of doing things over the years, but that is because of years of using it.

I am trying to learn in a couple of weeks what took me 10 years to learn.
I will get it, I see the potential of Pan X. But I am 60 years old and it’s harder to find the patience to learn something like this.

I do thank you for having tools like this forum and I guess for the time being this is going to be the way I learn, by asking what to you folks may be some really stupid, dumb questions. I need to figure it out because time is running out on using Pan 6, it probably will be ok in Sierra but come next September with another update it will be like playing Russian Roulette, that bullet will come up and the time is coming fast.

So hate to say you will probably have a couple of really dumb questions from me (along with an occasion bitch), I don’t mean to be this way but until I grasp it please have patience with me.

One thing that would be worth the money for me, you should figure out a way of having a weekly workshop like you did the video class last year. I would pay for something in which we can submit our problems and we will be able to get the answers via someone showing us how to do something.

I can go on forever on several topics that I am trying to figure out that is different, things like lookup and some formulas that are different in Pan X like the change command.


I’m 79 Sal and I’m climbing up the same curve and enjoying it - age has nothing to do with it. And don’t worry about the ‘really stupid, dumb questions’ - my score is way ahead of yours and this has to be the most understanding forum ever in which to ask them.