Upgrading FontAwesome

Is it possible to upgrade FontAwesome? I find the included one pretty lacking… for example their isn’t an email icon or icons you can use to go to the frst or last record in a list such as an arrow pointing up or down with a double line for example.

I checked their web site and it had a lot more featured than are included in PanX.

It’s not possible for you to upgrade the copy of FontAwesome inside Panorama. However, you could always install FontAwesome yourself on your computer. Then it would be available for all your applications, not just Panorama.

Panorama X currently includes FontAwesome version 4. The latest version is version 5, which was a very major upgrade. It was such a major upgrade that I have hesitated to install it in Panorama X, since I’ll want to do some extensive testing that this upgrade doesn’t break anything.

Also, there are now two versions of FontAwesome 5, the free version and the Pro version. which has a paid license. The free version will definitely be included in Panorama X at some point assuming that I don’t find some major problem in testing. ProVUE owns a paid license for the Pro version, but I’m not sure if that license allows it to be included in Panorama or not. I think it might, but obviously I want to be absolutely sure before moving forward with that.

I’m mentioning this because it’s possible that the icons you are interested in may only be in the Pro version. So I can’t say for sure if the icons you are particularly interested in will ever be available or not.

What I need is a true monospace font in PanX so that numbers line up as in days of yore. … But you already know this, Jim! Is this FontAwsome thing something that would help on that front?

To clarify, Stan wants a monospace font in the Data Sheet. Font Awesome is something completely different, nothing to do with the Data Sheet. You can use it for cool icons in forms though!