Unknown EnterpriseDBlocked error

Having a strange error this morning on one of my Panorama X files. This must be a server error.


Any suggestions?

Is this a shared file?

Can you provide any additional context for this error? There definitely is an internal variable called EnterpriseDBLocked that is used in many places in the Panorama client/server code. However, source code search says that the text “modify field Profile” does not exist anywhere in the code. What were you doing right before this error appeared?

Yes, this is a shared database.

I was attempting to perform a new generation when this error occurred. The field Profile is one of my defined fields in the database. I was finally able to clear the error somehow but did not write down the steps. I will try to be more observant in the future.

Frequently I observe that the wifi icon is missing on a form indicating that the file is not shared while the wifi icon is present on the associated data sheet. Here is a sample screenshot.

180 visible  180 total

When this happens I simply do a new generation similar to the one shown in the screenshot below to recreate the wifi icon on the form. I believe, but I am not sure, that the error occurred during that kind of a new generation.