Uninstall/Reinstall Enterprise?

One of my Enterprise Servers that has been operating fine is now not allowing connections from any shared Pano files.

In an attempt to narrow down the problem, I attempted to open a shared file using a Panorama app on the server and it too goes through the ‘Scanning Local Network…’, Found one Panorama Enterprise Server on the local network’, ‘Opening connection to …’, but then after a long delay, I get ‘Warning: No Server Connection’ and the file opens without being shared.

Note, this server started the day with a 5 language "Press and Hold the Power Button to restart your computer. Apparently there was some sort of System Crash. I have run the File Permissions fix in Panorama. The Panorama Enterprise Edition Server window opens but no files appear at all when attempting to open shared files.

If the suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall, is that merely trashing the Pano app or do I have to trash other items as well. Is there particular items that I must know beyond the SN to do the reinstall? Will the server setup items remain?


In a situtation like this, you really have to start from the beginning and work your way up. So I would go thru Chapter 2 of the Panorama Enterprise book and check each step of the installation. Does the Available Servers wizard show the server? If so, can you bring up the Server Administration wizard and view the server information? If that is all ok, can I create a new shared database on the server? Once all of that is ok, then I would go back and start looking at what is going on with the existing databases.

Yep. I’ve been struggling through this path before this response was received.

The server was not sharing any files and seemingly 'unexpectedly quitting without any particular action that I could see prior the quit.

I uninstalled the server and then reinstalled it. I then set the Sharing? to yes for both the Local Network and Internet. I changed the server password. I changed the Server Name to the original. I changed the Address to the previous public address (which the server already knew from some left behind file.) I then attempted to open a shared file. A session was created for me but no file was open in the Open Databases. The server continues to Unexpectedly Quit.

I can use the Available Server from a remote location and it responds with a successful ping but then on a 2nd try, Panorama Server unexpectedly quits due to my ping attempt (via Available Servers.)

Something is pulling it down. What more do I have to trash?

What does that mean? If you trashed the Panorama folder then you also got rid of all of the public database and server configuration. All of that is in the /Applications/Panorama/Extensions/Enterprise folder. The server configuration is in a file named ServerConfig.dat.

You may wish to start completely from scratch. To do that I would advise making a copy of the Enterprise folder, then completely trashing the Panorama folder and reinstalling. Then you will have a clean slate, you can start the server config over again.

Try removing your Public Databases folder for the sake of a test. You may have a file launching automatically that is creating the problem.

When “uninstalling” Panorama, be sure to include the Panorama folder in Library>Application Support in your deletions. All files within will be rebuilt.