Unexpected result from Data Input

After several hours of trying to get a large table to reconcile, I have discovered a strange thing. To replicate this problem, create a new database. Format the field to Float. Enter the value of -1000. The result is -100. Now enter the value of -1001. The result is -1001. We are testing Build 3643.

The problem seems to be with the output. If the floating point field is field A, and field B is text, then filling field B with str(A) will result in -1000. Filling field A with -A will result in 1000.00

Dave, the problem is beyond the visual look of the data. PanX changes the data. The problem only occurs with negative numbers in the thousands. To replicate the problem, there must be a zero before the decimal. There must be only zeros after the decimal.

Enter -1000
Result -100

Enter -1320
Result -132

Enter -1001
Result -1001

Enter -1000.01
Result -1000.01

The problem is with the decimal output, rather than the binary content. This can eventually lead to a change in data, if the cell is opened for editing, and then closed again. In that case, the incorrect decimal value will be entered, replacing the previous value.

If you change the output pattern to something other than the default, you won’t see that problem until you open the cell for editing. When the cell is being edited, it always displays the default output pattern.

The problem also occurs with negative numbers in the millions etc. Basically, it occurs if a comma would appear when you are using thousands separators and the digit before the decimal point is a zero.

Dave, do you concur that there is a problem that was not present in v13? I just installed v13 on a machine, and it treats these numbers correctly. v14 has a problem with data integrity. This is causing mega problems with accounting balance errors in my software.

I am able to duplicate this problem. I didn’t try it with b13 but thanks for that clue, there was a change in b14 in handling conversion of negative numbers which fixed another bug, looks like it may have created a new one. Looking at the code it appears that if you use an output pattern you will not see this issue.

You won’t see it unless you reopen the cell for editing, or copy and paste.

Oh, right, yes of course.

Thank you, Dave and Jim, for digging into this. This is an important one as we deal with the addition of money.

Changing the subject –– for what it is worth, we have our PanX server running on Bug Sur. It has not crashed for many days now.