Typo: generatedataray( function: COUNT parameter must be a positive integer

When I saw this I correctly guessed it was a typo of the new version of an old friend. The error message in Pan6 was worded differently, but had been generated from an addlines statement in my code. Sure enough my code had stopped right there. Then Open View… showed me generatedataarray( within the code for addlines. Cool! The error message was deserved and fine, other than its typo. Jim can correct the function’s spelling there with two keystrokes.

My program logic was asking to add negative 15000 lines to a database via a bad value in my variable for addlines’ start parameter. Not so cool, but a problem I’ve seen before. I don’t need help debugging it, I just need to rethink my code awhile.

Wow, two typos in one error message!

I fixed both of them and also added some code to addlines so that if an error like this occurs, the error message will indicate that the problem is with a parameter to addlines, instead of a cryptic error message from the internal code in addlines.