Triggering a procedure when choosing a panel within a Tab Panel Object

As a beginner to PanX, I had a question about how to trigger a procedure based on the current panel in a Tab Panel Object. Before anybody could respond, I discovered the answer. A Tab Panel can trigger a procedure each time a panel is chosen by clicking the button related to the panel. That procedure is identified or contained in the Procedure pane associated with the Tab Panel Object. The Tab Panel Selection Variable set up by the user in the Tab Panel Options pane contains the name of the current panel. Using the contents of this variable in the tab panel procedure will allow programming based on the current panel chosen. I am slowly discovering the many wonderful shortcuts and tools available in PanX that were not available in Pan6.

Remember that when you are making changes in tab panel objects that the changes must be made to the originating form that populates the tab and not in the form that contains the tab panel. I had wasted a lot of my time going down this road in the past until I finally realized my folly.

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