Transparent Popup Menu Button doesn't work in a stack of objects

Jim mentioned several times during the course that the technique used in P6 to give a popup menu button a custom appearance still worked in PX. This was using a transparent Popup Menu Button, and putting other objects (shape and text objects) behind it. I used this technique in a lot in P6 but can’t get it to work in PX.

Instead, when the stack of objects is clicked, one of the objects behind it is activated, even though the Popup Menu Button is on top. To test this thoroughly I placed a different message in the procedure panel of each of the three objects stating the name of the object activated by the click. It is as though the Popup Menu Button being transparent sends it to the back of the stack, because when you make the button visible the menu appears when clicked as expected. Make it transparent again and it stops working.

If a transparent Popup Menu Button is placed on a form by itself, it also works normally (if you can find it).

David Duncan

You are correct. I have added this to the bug list.

Stacking a transparent push button on top of other objects does work (I just checked). If you need to get something working right now you can use a push button and the popupclick statement, or for that matter just add the code to whatever object you were stacking the button on top of.

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I tried that which is when I ran into the problem with popupclick and submenus.

Oops… sorry Jim I know you are putting in the looooooooong hours for which I’m sure every Pan user is most thankful… I really appreciate your program/support and the last update was Great! Ok, time for me to renew my subscription :smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: