Transferring Form Tab Order from Panorama 6 to X

Thanks to a customer sending in a database, I just found a bug in how Panorama X brings over a database from Panorama 6. It turns out that if the tab order of a form is set to Natural in Panorama 6, Panorama X will convert that to Back-to-Front. The reverse happens as well, Back-to-Front is converted to Natural. (If the tab order is set to Data Sheet, the conversion works correctly.)

If any of you have noticed that the tab order in a form is not what you expected, this is probably the problem. To fix it, just go into the Form Preferences panel and switch the Tab Order setting to Natural.

This will be in the next release, but of course that fix won’t affect databases that have already been converted. Since the default tab order for new forms is Natural, I suspect that this problem is affecting a lot of your forms. I’m pretty amazed that apparently no one as noticed this in the past 4 years, including me. Fortunately, the fix is easy.

By the way, this problem has no effect on forms that are newly created in Panorama X.