Totaling from a form

I have a database which I have converted and with much fiddling, now find that it is best seen as a form with a text list, so that is the only window I want to have open. I occasionally make changes, which change the amount in a field, which I total. If I click on that field in the form, and do command-t for total, I get an error that says that it can only be done in a numeric field, which it is. This is not a problem in Panorama 6, only in X. I can choose that field in the data sheet and total it there, but it is not the window I want to have open.

When you say “click on that field”, do you mean a Text Editor object? If so, what mode is the Text Editor object in – regular or pop-up editing? It should work either way, but perhaps there is a bug.

Also, if the database isn’t too big and you only need the grand total, you may be able to continuously display the total in a Text Display object by using the aggregate( function.

It is a text editor object. I click on it and it goes to edit mode, with the cursor and everything. Then if I do command-t, I get the error message: “Total statement may only be used with numeric fields.”

I have verified this problem and added it to the issue tracker database

In the meantime, you could create a simple procedure to calculate the total:

field NumericFieldName