"Today" in header of report

I know this has a very simple answer, but I have been trying to find it for 2 days…
I just want to insert today’s date in a header of a printed report.
I put this in header. in a Text Display object ------ «DATE:Month dd, yyyy»
and what I see is the object with "Field or Variable "

Same thing gives me a syntax error in Text editor object.

Any suggestions?

datepattern(today(),“Month dd, yyyy”)

Perfect, thank you.
It used to work with the other formula, but was last used in 2014… I bet was Pan 6
I wish I could have found answer in documentation, which I find very difficult to use.

Thanks for your help, CM

I can’t see how what you posted could have ever worked in any version of Panorama. By enclosing it in chevrons Panorama thinks everything that is enclosed is the name of a field or variable.

Actually Panorama has a special syntax for page numbers and dates, this has been available since Panorama 2 I think, maybe even Panorama 1.

However, Panorama X is a bit more picky about the capitalization. It will work with


But the way @ChuckieM did it


does not work.

Here’s the link to the help page:

I haven’t worked with printed form output in years so I must have lost that one over time, “like tears in rain”. (To quote Roy Batty from Blade Runner.)

I always have to look it up myself, and in fact had to look it up tonight to remember the exact details.