Timer not working

using a timer in one database with the scope of global and calling a procedure in the database the timer is started in works great. If the timer is used to call a procedure in another database the code does not complete.

Any ideas why?

Are you using FarCall to call the procedure in the other database? Does the procedure itself make any reference to fields or FileGlobal variables within its database?

Anything that timer does will be done within the context of the active window, in the active database. That means that a call statement in that timer will assume the procedure is in the active database. A reference to a field or FileGlobal variable will be a reference to a field or variable in the active database. If the procedure, field, or variable belongs to the database where the timer was started, and that isn’t the active database, there will be an error.

I stated it incorrectly, it is not far calling it is opening a different file. I will double check the variables.