Time of Day Field (How to set up)

Hello Everybody.

An admitted newbie here. I’m only about a week into using PanoramaX. I previously looked in this forum for information on how to set up a “Time” field (specifically, “time of day”) for tracking WHEN I’m doing certain activities. Is there any detailed literature available that would provide step by step detail on how to set up this field?

I would be grateful any helpful information that will point me in the right direction. THANKS in advance.

local tn // Time Now

tn= datepattern(today(),“MM-DD-YYYY”)+"@"+timepattern(now(),“HH:MM am/pm”)

message tn

Panorama X has an extensive documentation in the Help menu. My first tip for newbies is to click on the “blue pill” in the Search field and change the category to “All”. Then you can search for “time” to find all documentation about time arithmetic including functions and statements. Here is the Help for Time Arithmetic.

Panorama does not have a special field type for time of day. Instead, you need to use a Text field. Then you can use the Time Arithmetic Formulas @KJM mentioned to perform calculations based on the time.


Thanks for the quick feedback. I looked around for a good hour or so before replying.

There’s a LOT of good info there for sure.

I tested out the “Formula Workshop” a bit. I see a lot of solutions available, however, I seem to NOT be setting this up correctly or I’m not including something needed. I took this screenshot showing the formula working in the workshop, but not working in my actual database. Probably something very simple (It’s not so simple when you don’t know :slight_smile:

The problem here is that the formula is triggered when you make an entry into a field mentioned in the formula. Your formula doesn’t mention any other field, so it is never triggered.

Panorama has a function named ignore(, which in this case could be used to include your Date field, even though it’s not actually used in the calculation.

All I needed to do, was type today into the Date field to get both the current date and time entered into their respective fields.


I’m glad I was able to send a screenshot; much, much easier than trying to explain it. I made the change and, voilá.

You guys are awesome.