Time( not usable with 24-hour clock


time(“11:45”) is 42300
time(“12:45”) is 2700
time(“13:45”) is 49500


int(array("12:45", 1, ":"))*60*60 + int(array("12:45", 2, ":"))*60 is 45900

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In Panorama 6 you are supposed to use the seconds( function for 24-hour clock, instead of time(. I just checked, and this does not work in Panorama X, but does in Panorama 6. So I have filed a bug report.

I like that your issue tracker is public!

What would be the timeframe to see this error resolved? I am hoping to use Panorama for data/fields with dates and times. Also, are there ways to support timezones? There do not seem to be any functions that handle real world date and time formats in Panorama, this seems to limit the program considerably.

I have fixed this problem, the fix will be available in the next release. It turns out that the bug only occurs for times between 12:00 and 12:59. Also, it turns out that it is ok to use the time( function for this, both time( and seconds( will correctly handle 24 hours times if am/pm is left off (other than the above mentioned bug).

Panorama currently does not have any support for time zones. As far as I can recall, this is the first time anyone has ever requested this, but it certainly could be a possibility in the future.