The lament of the 'old' Design Sheet

The new Field Properties box is now not modal! Whohoo. But alas. It can be dangerous!!

What happened to Select Problem data? If a user creates a field as a text field, and then proceeds to fill it with 99.99% numerical data (except for that little important bit of text that they added to remind them of why a number was entered way off from the real thing), they may later realize that to do what they need to do, they must alter the field to be a numeric field. If they use the Field Properties box to do this, their critical note will be lost as Panorama X ignores the existence of existing text in a text field when converting that field to numeric. All the text is just blown away.

Not nice.

Until you Undo.

Only if the user immediately remembers that there is a numerical value with a bit of text alongside of it. I’m not imagining that they’d have changed it to numeric if they’d remembered that they had that text existing in the data.

Robert Ameeti