The `importdatabase` statement forces clumsy coding

In Panorama 6, the openfile statement could import the contents of another database without having to open it. In Panorama X, the importdatabase statement requires that the database to be imported be open. So, instead of:

openfile "+A"

we now have to write:

openfile "A"
window "mainfile"
importdatabase "A"
window "A"

It would be much better if the importdatabase statement included an option allowing it to import a database that was not open.

The openfile statement works in Panorama X just like before. So you can continue to use

openfile "+A"

Well, the documentation claims it works just like before. But looking at the code for openfile, I don’t think it actually works. :frowning: I guess no one has tried that in the past 3 years. I’ve filed a report.

Well, I have used the statement regularly, but I think that in my workflow that file is created just some seconds before the import and is indeed still open.

The openfile"+ ..." requires the file to be open. Otherwise I would have used it.

Yes, that’s correct — for database files. It is not correct for text files.