The farcall statement needs more error checking

Panorama 6 does not accept:

farcall A + “B”,ProcedureName

and reminds me to change that to:

farcall (A + “B”),ProcedureName

Panorama X does not issue such warning and maybe that is intended that way.

Although I have to solid proof if this, it seems that Panorama X crashes less when

farcall A + “B”,ProcedureName

is changed to:

farcall (A + “B”),ProcedureName

There is nothing wrong with:

farcall A + "B",ProcedureName

If there was a problem, it would be an error message telling you that the requested database does not exist. There is no reason that this should cause a crash. There is also no reason that this wouldn’t work the same way every time (depending, of course, on what the value of A is).

Hi Jim,

Panorama 6 gives a syntax error when the construct A + “B” is not within ( ) as in (A + “B”) and the documentation states that this is required.

Panorama X allows it without the ( ).

Panorama X was crashing more frequently when I stumbled on this but that may have been for other reasons as I was trying to migrate 42 years of data and procedures from Panorama 6 to Panorama X.


I just tried it in Panorama 6, no syntax error. I didn’t construct a real example to made sure it actually called the correct thing, though.

In any case, for sure Panorama X does not require ( and ) around the formula.

I tried a real example. There was no syntax error when I compiled, but there was a run time error of “Operator expected but not found.”

With the parentheses, it worked correctly. The procedure it called was just a message statement.