TextDisplayObject display of date & time

In a TextDisplayObject:

this formula…

«date: Month dd, yyyy» @ {TimePattern(Now(),"hh:mm:ss")}

results in…

January 23, 2021 @ 21:14:16

while this formula…

«date: DayOfWeek, Month dd, yyyy» @ {TimePattern(Now(),"hh:mm:ss")}

results in this…

exportcell( function error: no field or variable

What am I missing?

The «date: » tag only supports the specific date patterns listed on the Custom Reports page, in the section Printing the Date and Time:

It does not allow any arbitrary pattern, only the ones listed, which are:

Month dd, yyyy
Month ddnth, yyyy
DayOfWeek, Month dd

If you want to use an arbitrary pattern, you must use the { } syntax with the pattern( function, like this:

{datepattern(today(),"DayOfWeek, Month dd, yyyy")}

You’re probably going to suggest that this format is common enough that it should be supported by the «date:» syntax. Before you say that – I’ve already added it (just now). Also, the format

«date DayOfWeek, Month ddnth, yyyy»

was already supported, though it wasn’t documented.

Should be:

 «date: DayOfWeek, Month ddnth, yyyy»

with the colon.

Yes, that is a typo in my post. Panorama itself actually works with the colon as @BruceDeB has indicated.