Text Label Object editing trouble

Pan X 10.1.2 - Mac OS 10.14.3
I’m not seeing the text duplicating/overwriting problem mentioned elsewhere, but I am having lots of trouble editing text label objects. Double-clicking one does not always put it into edit mode, I have to double-click many times. When it does enter editing mode, the object might drop down (as the ruler at the top appears) and sometimes the object jumps up a bit on the form when I finish editing and the ruler disappears. I.E. the object actually moves up on the form, and this can happen repeatedly so that it keeps crawling up to a new, higher location each time it is edited.

Sometimes the object disappears completely, until I click elsewhere on the form.

Sometimes I cannot see the text I’m typing. It appears once I finish editing by clicking elsewhere.

This is a brand new file created in Pan X, not one converted from 6 (sorry, I meant Panorama Classic ;-).

I cannot duplicate any of these problems. However, for what it’s worth, I tend to use Text Label objects rarely – instead I use Text Display objects. This means I have to type the text into the inspector panel instead of into the object itself.

I get this a lot - almost every time I edit. And I still get the problem I raised at:

This is what I start with:


and when I double-click on the Text Label Object to edit its content, I get this: