Text fields often show blank after switching to new record

Finally moving all Pan6 to PanX. Coming along ok. One thing I keep noticing is that when in a Form, I switch Up or Down to another record, often one of the text fields will show no content even though it is filled in. After clicking on any of the editable fields in the form the invisible content will suddenly show. I think the affected field is the one that was selected for editing in the previous record.

I’ve noticed the same thing, but with all the other issues of conversion that keep popping up I’ve tried to ignore it…:slight_smile:

Are you using the pop-up editing option? or regular text editor objects?

Whatever came over from Pan6. What SHOULD I be using?

I have all sorts of problems with text not updating when it should in Panorama X. These are files that worked fine in Panorama 6, but do not work in Panorama X. In my case, it is text in matrices that does not update. Changing records works in one file, but not in another, where the matrix button changes the record.

If it was a text editor superobject in Pan 6, it’s a regular text editor object in Pan X. If it was a data cell in Pan 6, it’s a text editor with the pop-up option in Pan X.

Jim was asking the question for diagnostic purposes. He needs to duplicate the problem before he can fix the problem.

I agree with your observations. It seems that ObjectAction “MatrixName”,“redraw”,”all” doesn’t work as advertised to update a matrix either. At least it doesn’t redraw mine.

Yes, it seems the matrix can be refreshed in graphic mode, but I have no idea how to do it in data mode.

If you include one or more fields in the matrix formula, the matrix will update when you move to a new record, or assign a value to one of those fields.

Showvariables will update the matrix if it names a variable in the matrix formula.

You can use the ignore( function to include any fields or variables that don’t have any other reason for being there.

I cannot get this to work.