Text field contents, manipulated into another field

This should be rather straightforward and I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finding documentation/help on it…

I’m trying to build code that would take the contents of a particular field,

e.g. “Full Name” with a full name…last name first,

and fill a “Last Name” field with the last name, and a “First Name” field with the first name.

I presume the Last Name field would have code to tease out the last name, and likewise for the First Name field.

LastName = before(FullName," “)
FirstName = after(FullName,” ")

You might look at the getname statement, as well: getname statement
I, with a two-word last name, would be wary about using any of these!

Edit: There is probably a comma after the last name, in which case it should be:

LastName = before(FullName,", “)
FirstName = after(FullName,”, ")

Which eliminates the problem with my name.

As a kid, I wondered why we weren’t just given a number. Adults would say, “Ugh, I want to be an individual.” But I thought, “That doesn’t make any sense. numbers are “individual”. There are always people with the same name.” My introduction into the world of adult logic.

So with names - what a mess. You have single word names, double word names, triple word (middle name) names. And you have names with suffixes, Jr. to keep father and son (I suppose, these days we have to allow mothers and daughters too) separate. Then you have those generational designations. Paul III, etc.

At the community college, we had their official names on the student list but it was not unusual to have to match that with a nickname they used once setting foot on campus.

You could code for the most common cases and if there was a complication, it could flag it as needing a manual entry.

After the adults rejected my unique number idea, I moved on to having a person’s name be a musical melody or note combination. That would bring more “sunshine” to the world. But then there was the problem of spelling and really acute hearing to designate between two similar sounding names.