Text Export Wizard

Hello Friends,
I use the text export wizard on a regular basis. I have about 40 fields, but I only want to export 3 of the fields. I have to go through each unwanted field and click the minus sign. Is there a way of starting with a blank window with no fields and allowing me to select the fields from a menu, or allowing me to control click on all the unwanted fields and delete all at once?

If it’s always the same 3 fields, you could do that once, and create a template. After that you would just choose the template. One mouse click, and those 37 fields have been deleted.

Along these lines of the Text Export Wizard, should the field names be part of the HTML output if the ‘Include Title Line’ is not checked?

And then too, why is there no ‘Fixed Field Length’ option that would truly take advantage of the Width attribute that is offered in the Column Properties box? And when a user needs a ‘Fixed Field Length’ output, they may need to define a filler character. Sometimes a space, sometimes a 0, or any other specified character.

Robert Ameeti

Then too, where is the XML format?

And the ‘Include Title Line’ checkbox should be dimmed for the JSON, and the XML.

Robert Ameeti

Right now, probably the fastest way to delete all the fields would be to open the blueprint and remove all the fields. Then you can either use the blueprint to set up just the 3 fields you want or add the fields in 1 at a time manually.