Text entries don't stick til relaunch database

Using a converted Pano 6 database with about 3000 entries which worked properly before conversion to PanoX and has worked properly for the last 6 months since conversion to PanoX …until today. Now when I enter data into a new cell or change data in a pre-existing cell the typed characters are correct…until I select any other cell, at which time the characters displayed revert back to the original data (either a blank cell or the old data before editing). Even if I Save, the old data persists…until I close the db and then reopen. Upon reopening, then all the data either edited or newly entered prior to db closure is correctly present. All fields are checked as “editable”. I am almost embarrassed to raise this issue but really want the db to function properly again. What obvious point am I missing?

This is a symptom that has never been reported before. Is this issue happening in the data sheet, or in a form, or both? I can’t imagine how I could get this to happen even if I wanted it to. Do you have any software for recording your screen? It might be very helpful to see exactly what you are describing, as it is not completely clear to me.

Jim…I have captured the behavior in a 2 minute Quicktime Screen Movie. Unfortunately the db is one which contains all my software serial numbers which I don’t wish to push out to the general internet. Is there a good way for me to “privately” send you the Quicktime movie file? I can’t find such a function in Discourse…perhaps our old Slack Discussion Forum?

Sure, Slack would be fine, or email.

Jim…uploaded to Slack. Thanks