Text Editor procedure issue

I’m baffled here, converting an old Pan6 db and this procedure is driving me nuts…

There are two text editor objects on a form both linked to fields, identical settings.

The following procedure works fine with one and fails with the other, regardless of the order they are in in the procedure… It was just grabbing the clipboard() for both, but I added a variable…made no diff. I’ve triple checked the field names…so what the hay…? I can manually enter data in both on the form, but using this procedure to fill them both only fills Phone Activity, never Current Activity. What am I missing? It worked when created in Pan3…not sure if it was working in Pan6

Local vData
customdialog 3105
getscrapok “Enter info to add to both Phone Activity and Current Projects”

«Phone Activity»=«Phone Activity»+" "+vData

«Current Activity»=«Current Activity»+" "+vData

Ok, just checked another procedure that grabs data from the Current Activity field… that results in all the data I’ve been trying to add showing up in that grab. HOWEVER, the data does not show in the form object or in the Data sheet for that field…so is there a display issue that I’m unaware of?

It sounds like you have somehow created a global, or fileglobal variable named Current Activity. It’s the variable that is being set, and your other procedure is grabbing the data from that variable.

After quitting PanoramaX and restarting this is working fine…???

That could be because of a variable which is erased upon quitting Panorama.

Ok, I’ll go looking for something that might have created such a variable… Thanks!

The View Search window, new in 10.2 Denali, is very handy for that task.

Do keep in mind that this will only search databases that are currently open.

First step is identifying the variable you are looking for, using info(“globalvariables”).