Text Editor Object Procedure Not Working

I have a TEO linked to a text field called “OrderQtyUnits” with the simple code “message OrderQtyUnits” set to trigger when “End Editing” “Tab”. It will not work. Termination Keys are “Return” and “Tab”. If I put the same code in the Data Sheet, it works. If I keep the code in the Data Sheet and also in the TEO, the TEO will work but run the code twice.


To Add to this post, the database where this is not working was originally a Panorama 6 database. If I create a new Panorama X database and create a TEO with the same code it works beautifully.

It sounds like there is something specific going on with your particular database, so no one else is going to be able to figure out what is going on without a lot more information.

Thank you Jim,

I kind of thought that would be the case. I have a lot going on in this database so as I have time I will dig deeper and try to figure it out. I will post my findings.

Hi Jim,

I am emailing you a database. I will provide details in the email.

Has any solution to this been found, as I am having a similar problem? Procedure in a TEO linked to a field is not firing on a form with several other TEOs and UI elements.

Specifically, if the “End Editing” or the “Tab” option is the only item checked under the TEO’s Procedure Trigger section, then the procedure doesn’t fire. It fires when any of the other options are individually checked (although I didn’t test the Handler option).

I’d be happy to provide a copy of my database if necessary.