Text Editor Object color problems

So it should be simple enough but this is driving me nuts! I want a Text Editor Object to have a white background with black or color lettering. There is a background color set for the form. No matter what i do I can’t get it to display properly, I get data that doesn’t display, or I get a solid filled box which is also unreadable.

Place a white rectangle the same size as the Text Editor Object behind it.

Yeah I tried that but had trouble with clicking and selecting text. Seems to me we should be able to set this up simply by selecting a box fill color and a text color.

Works for me…

Don’t forget to apply “Send to Back” from Object menu-Arrange to the white rectangle. That will put the text object on top and you should have no trouble using the text editor.

Yes but if the background is white when clicking at first in the field the text turns white and is invisible.

Do you have Pop Up Editing turned on? Try turning that option off - really not suited for use anymore in my opinion.

the problem is Pop-Up off you can’t do a database search on that field by clicking in it, with it on the text turns white before the pop up comes into play. I really don’t understand the need for it either or what it’s actual purpose is.

Selecting text in the Text Editing object works here (on a Mojave Mac) without any issues in objects set to Popup Editing as well as not set to Popup Editing.48 25
IMHO the advantage of active Popup Editing is that you can see (in Data mode) which Text Editor object is activated, but not opened for editing. Once this object is marked red, you can start a database search with cmd-F from that field.