Text Color in Text Lists

When I highlight a row in a text list that has black text, the text color changes to white. That makes the text easy to read when highlighted. But I have not found any other text color that changes when I highlight the row. (The color in my text list changes depending on the data.) Is there a way to cause the text color to change when the row is highlighted? So far, I have not found a color that is legible and pleasing whether highlighted or not highlighted.

Sorry, no, there is no way to change that. The change from black to white is done automatically by Appleā€™s code, and AFAIK there is no way to customize that. Same problem for Matrix Objects. I think the best solution is to change the highlight color, however, that can only be done for Matrix Objects, not Text Lists.

That is what I expected to hear. I may use bold and/or italics, which will accomplish my purpose of making it easy to visually distinguish two types of information.