targetDatabasePath does not exist error

In Beta b10, I think I found a mistake in a Library procedure, and I changed the code slightly, which I think corrects the error. I got Error messages said that "targetDatabasePath does not exist. The database and procedure were _DatabaseLib and INITIALIZEDATABASE.

I added a let statement at the start of line 33 of that procedure, so now it reads

let targetDatabasePath = sandwich("",catcherror("",dbinfo("folder",targetDatabase)),info("databasefilename"))

That fixed the error. I have a second issue but will do a second post for that.

Arrrrrrrrgh! That is a bad bug. Goofed when fixing KJM’s bug of allowing the .Initialize procedure to close the database. All beta testers should make this patch immediately. I was thinking of expanding to allow some more beta testers but now I’ll hold off until this is fixed.