Tabbing with focus from field to field using Text Editor Objects

I was having a terrible time tabbing from Text Editor Object to Text Editor Object in a file converted from Pan6. After much struggle I discovered a SuperObjectClose statement in some of the procedures connected to some of the Text Editor Object. Upon removing the statement, tabbing from object to object was smooth as expected with initial selections working as expected.

I am removing this suggestion because even though it works to force the next TEO into focus it will keep succeeding TEO active even in graphics mode which prevents and further editing of the form. So do not use my previous suggestion.

If you have already tried this and can’t edit in graphics mode you can get things restored by closing the form and then reopening it and go to graphics mode before activating a TEO. Now you can select each TEO in turn and remove that final line of code which opens the next TEO.

I am assuming, as I think Gary is, that you want to programmatically control what field is tabbed to when exiting from editing a cell in a form (or in the data sheet for that matter). This cannot be done in the current version of Panorama X. Panorama X has it’s own internal code for moving to the next data item, and you cannot write a program to override this internal code. The plan is to eventually add a way for your program to send a signal to Panorama’s internal code to tell it you want non-standard order.

Other than that, programs should not affect tabbing. If you have a specific program that is causing a problem, you should post the actual code and I would be able to comment further.