Superlookup - unknown statement?

Trying to use superlookup for the first time but error checking says “unknown statement: superlookup”

You will get that message if you have a line of code like this:

superlookup( ..... )

in which you have used the function as if it was a statement (hence, the ‘unknown statement’ message) but not if you have this:

field something formulafill superlookup( ..... )

Even so, there are problems with the function - see Superlookup( problem.

Superlookup( is a function, not a statement. It returns a value that you can use.

THAT problem with Superlookup( was fixed last fall.

Yes. THAT problem was fixed, but there is still a problem.

A formulafill that uses a superlookup( with a grabdata( function back into the original database now works correctly. Note that this fix only applies to formulafill – other scanning operations like select, find, etc. still do not work with this combination, and will be a bit tricky to fix.